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  • Every Rolls Royce From 1904 To Present Day – Part 1 of 4 (Pre-War)

    03 May, 2022

    The Rolls Royce 10

    The very first Rolls Royce was designed and built by Henry Rolls, it was initially named the Rolls 10 but after joining forces with renowned car dealer Charles Royce in early 1904 the name changed to the Rolls Royce 10, it was presented at the Paris Motor Show in December that same year which sparked its success.

    The Rolls Royce 10 was as its name may suggest a 10 hp vehicle, the first engine produced was 1800cc, water cooled with twin cylinder which was…

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Wimbledon 2022

    21 Jun, 2022

    The Wimbledon Tennis Championship 2022 is almost upon us, but are you prepared?

    Well don’t fret as we have compiled everything you need to know to help you in the preparation for the two week event!

    Dates and Location

    The Championship will commence on Monday 27th June and will end on Sunday 10th July.

    And is held at The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club on Church Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5AG.

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  • Every Rolls Royce From 1904 To Present Day – Part 3 of 4 (Post-War)

    13 May, 2022

    Welcome to part 3 in our journey on every Rolls Royce from 1904 to present day, we left part 2 in 1939, with the onset of war the British government had commissioned Rolls Royce to manufacture jet engines, car production was put on hold until 1946.

     If you haven’t already taken a look through part 1 or part 2 then we suggest you do so HERE:

    Please Note:

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  • Every Rolls Royce From 1904 To Present Day – Part 4 of 4 (Modern Era)

    18 May, 2022

    Welcome back for the 4th and final part in our journey of every Rolls Royce from 1904 to present day. 

    If you haven’t already taken a look through part 1, part 2 or part 3 then we suggest you do so HERE:

    Please Note: All the links to the images in this article can be found below the relevant images.

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  • Every Rolls Royce From 1904 To Present Day – Part 2 of 4 (Pre-War)

    09 May, 2022

    Welcome back to part 2 in our journey on every Rolls Royce from 1904 to present day, we left part 1 with the Rolls Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost produced between 1906 to 1925, and the Rolls Royce Twenty produced between 1922 to 1929. If you haven’t already taken a look through part 1 then we suggest you do so HERE.

    Please Note: All the links to the images in this article can be found below the relevant images.

    So without further…

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  • Chauffeur Hire Vs Full Time Employed Chauffeur, Which One Is Better For You?

    29 Apr, 2022

    Of course there is nothing wrong with either service and both chauffeur hiring services and full time employed chauffeurs have an equal number of positives and negatives, however, there are a number of things one should take into consideration prior to employing a full time driver/chauffeur.

    Unlike chauffeur hiring services, you will have a full time employee who will work on average a 40 hour week, and just like any other employee they will require 28 days of holiday, sick pay and so on, certainly nothing wrong with that,…

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  • How Did Chauffeuring Come About?

    28 Apr, 2022

    It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact date in history when chauffeur driven vehicles were first used, obviously without the birth of transportation chauffeurs in their current form would not exist, so we need to look back in time to the invention of wheel based vehicles. From what we can ascertain, the first recorded evidence of wheel based vehicles being used dates back to as early as the 35th Century BC.

    Before 3500 BC the most popular form of transportation were oxen, horses or wild-horses were extremely difficult to tame…

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  • Why Are Rolls Royce Viewed As The Ultimate In Luxury Vehicles?

    27 Apr, 2022

    If you ask almost anyone across the world to name a luxury car brand they will, 9 times out of 10 say the name Rolls Royce, not Mercedes, not Bentley, nor BMW, but Rolls Royce.

    The name and vehicles from pretty much day one became synonymous with opulence, luxury and class, but was it always plain sailing for the brand? In late 1903 Henry Royce who owned and ran a small electrical and mechanical business set to work on building his first motor car. By May 1904 his two-cylinder…

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  • Royal Ascot Chauffeur Hire

    20 Apr, 2021

    If you are planning on visiting the Royal Ascot races or you regularly attend the races, why not make an entrance and arrive in style and luxury in a chauffeur driven car?

    What is Royal Ascot?

    Royal Ascot is a famous and prestigious British horseracing event that takes place every year at Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire. Hundreds of years old, Royal Ascot is a major British social event with a rich history in the UK – it was founded by Queen Anne in 1711, and as of today, still has members of the Royal Family in attendance today. Every aspect of…

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  • Wimbledon Tennis Championship 2021

    20 Apr, 2021

    Finally the moment we have been waiting for is finally here. The Wimbledon Tennis Championships is going to take place on June 28th – July 11th, 2021 Book a chauffeur with London Luxury Chauffeur Cars and you’d be picked up from and returned to your home or hotel safely.

    Every summer, Wimbledon receives half a million spectators to Centre Court. Tennis lovers from all over the world travel down to England to experience this traditional sport that has made a name for Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, and Naomi Osaka among others.

    Why not…

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  • Private Jet and Jet Charter Chauffeur Hire

    01 Feb, 2021

    Flying solo can be pretty fun. But without your private jet chauffeur, you might have to worry about travelling at your own convenience. And that’s where a jet charter chauffeur hire comes in.

    Perks of Hiring a Private Jet Chauffeur

    Hiring a private jet chauffeur allows you to make your flight in good time and in perfect style, knowing that your chauffeur is reliable and experienced.

    With a chauffeur on standby to convey you to your private jet location, you can attend personal meetings, corporate events, weekend getaways, family vacations, social parties and the like without getting stressed.

    What makes it even better…

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  • Chauffeur Hire for Christmas Shopping

    09 Dec, 2020

    It is that time of the year when the jingle bells get your ears ringing and your heart singing. You know it is time to shop for the festive season. Have you thought about a chauffeur hire for Christmas shopping?

    Rather than worry about joggling your bags from Oxford Street to Kings Road, let a luxury vehicle take you everywhere you go. Be free to shop in style without feeling overwhelmed or losing the Xmas vibe.

    What is Amazing about a Chauffeur Hire for Christmas Shopping?

    When you hire a chauffeur for your Christmas shopping, you get:

    • A friendly and nicely-dressed chauffeur…
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  • Experience London’s beautiful Christmas lights in the safety of your own bubble!

    01 Dec, 2020

    afternoon-tea-for-4Imagine being driven in a pre-sanitised luxury Mercedes V class from the comfort of your own home, to central London with your favourite people.

    Why not enhance your journey with a delicious afternoon tea package from Gail’s Bakery In Willesden, along with a beverage of your choice, or book in at your favourite London restaurant to get you in the festive mood? Your chauffeur will of coarse be wearing a mask and closely following Covid guidelines to keep you, your family and friends safe at this special time of the year….

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  • Bentley Chauffeur Hire in London

    30 Oct, 2020

    Bentley 4

    For several years, elegance and luxury have been rightly associated with Bentley. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the highest level of a luxury ride to and from anywhere in the city of London, our Bentley Flying Spur hire in London is what you need.

    Here, we make no exception for the kind of ride you can enjoy in our awesome Bentley Flying Spur. So, whenever you are visiting one of the beautiful London tourist attractions or you simply want to go to the airport, you…

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  • Farnborough Airport Chauffeur Hire

    20 Sep, 2020

    When business calls, you want to answer in style and comfort. And as soon as possible. But can you achieve this without a Farnborough Airport Chauffeur?

    Having to drive yourself to or from the airport may tire you out quickly before your executive event. But when you consider a Farnborough Luxury Airport Transfer, you get to relax and be driven.

    How a Farnborough Airport Chauffeur Hire Boosts Your Business Edge

    LLC Cars offers luxury transfer hire for clients who have to attend to business within or outside London.

    We understand the importance of corporate occasions, board meetings, and other executive events….

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  • Biggin Hill Airport Chauffeur Hire

    20 Sep, 2020

    Attending corporate or personal events in style is a necessity. And hiring a Biggin Hill Airport Chauffeur to drive you is the icing on the cake.

    At LLC Cars, we offer professional luxury chauffeuring services to Biggin Hill Airport and other top London airports.

    What London Biggin Hill Airport Transfers Entail

    London Biggin Hill Airport is an operational general aviation airport in London. And our bilingual and professional drivers make these airport transfers both a luxury and a delight. Because they know the easiest routes into and out of Central London.

    We know how stressful driving can be, especially when you have to…

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  • London Luton Airport Signature Chauffeur Hire

    04 Sep, 2020

    Traveling conveniently and safely is a priority at this time. Especially if you’re thinking of flying. And hiring a Luton Airport Signature Chauffeur is the way to go.

    More and more countries are relaxing travel restrictions. Which means that you can visit certain countries without hitches.

    But how exactly does a Luton Airport Signature Chauffeur help you?

    Why Hire a Luton Airport Signature Chauffeur?

    When you have to leave London using the fourth largest airport in London, your Chauffeur will:

    • Arrive promptly at your specified pick up location in one of our chauffeur-driven luxury cars including the Range Rover Autobiography or Mercedes Benz S…
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  • Welcome Back to London: 8 Must-visit Tourist Places

    04 Aug, 2020

    With travel restrictions being gradually lifted around the world, visit your favorite tourist places in London.

    Are you a tourist visiting London for the first time or after a long time? Don’t miss the stunning art museums, theatres, castles, and magnificent cathedrals that beautify Europe’s most visited city.

    Below are some of the top tourist attractions in London.

    8 Tourist Places in London You Should Visit

    • London Eye

      The iconic London Eye is a perfect view – with the breathtaking, colorful lights at night. Feel free to enjoy a private or shared ride on the pods.

    • Buckingham Palace

      When in London, don’t…

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  • Chauffeur Services for Funerals in London

    13 Jul, 2020

    Losing your loved one can be so devastating. And planning their funeral can be overwhelming. But with the right chauffeur services for funerals in London, you never have to worry about transporting your friends and family.

    At London Luxury Chauffeuring, we offer reliable and professional funeral chauffeur services. Making it easier for you, your friends and family to move from your home to the wake, church, or crematorium without stress or anxiety.

    Chauffeur-Driven Mercedes S Class for Funeral Car Hire in London

    Our Mercedes S Class remains one of the luxurious and most convenient funeral cars for hire. This choice…

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  • Hire a Chauffeur in London during the Coronavirus

    29 May, 2020

    In London and other parts of the world, the pandemic has altered transport and ease of movement in London. Which means the best idea is to hire a chauffeur in London during the coronavirus.

    Imagine if you could run your errands or shop at the grocery store to restock your home essential supplies. Or attend a business meeting or book your appointment at your dentist’s. Without suing public transport.

    When you hire a chauffeur in London during the coronavirus, you:

    • Get out of the house safely
    • Trust your safety into the hands of a professional driver
    • Spend less time on the road
    • Attend Meetings &…
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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Chauffeur in London

    30 Apr, 2020

    Not everyone loves getting behind the wheel and driving through the busy lanes. When you hire a chauffeur in London, you enjoy comfort, a lower stress level, and increased productivity.

    Below are other benefits of hiring a chauffeur in London for events, appointments, business meetings, weddings, airport transfers etc.

    Why Hire a Chauffeur in London?

    • Reduced Stress Level

    Driving in London comes with a certain level of stress that could be bad for your health.

    If you decide to hire a chauffeur, you’d be saving yourself the stress of road headaches including traffic or navigating the routes.

    • Attend Appointments Promptly

    Being driven by a London…

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  • Harry Potter London Tour Chauffeur

    17 Mar, 2020

    Want to experience the world of the most-loved boy wizard – Harry Potter? Hire a Harry Potter London tour chauffeur to get you to the centre of the magic in the series.
    Warner Bros Studio is organising a London tour to take you from the streets of London to the scenes of Harry Potter. During this walking tour, you get special opportunities to appreciate the rare art in this classic film.
    The tour is designed to provide insight into the making of the Harry Potter series.

    Why Hire a Harry Potter London Tour Chauffeur?

    Hiring a Harry Potter London tour chauffeur…

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  • Government Chauffeur Services in London

    10 Jan, 2020

    Government officials often have a variety of business meetings and corporate events to attend. Hiring a chauffeur company that provides government chauffeur services in London makes it possible for you to show up in style.

    No doubt, the right chauffeuring company will understand your requirement for luxury and comfort as you move from place to place. Also, your need to make a powerful impression as you meet other distinguished persons is a priority. Besides, it is essential to travel in the highest standard of cars and with professional chauffeurs who are familiar with the routes throughout London.

    Whether you need…

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  • Chauffeur Hire for Cricket World Cup 2019 in the UK

    25 Apr, 2019

    Do you need a personal driver as you attend the Cricket World Cup 2019? London Luxury Chauffeur Cars provide chauffeur services that gives you a full-time memorable experience. Our private chauffeur hire services save you the stress of driving back and forth the various venues.

    The ICC Cricket World Cup will be held at eleven different venues in England and Wales for six weeks. This 12th World Cup, expected to run from 30 May – 14 July, and spectators are free to choose any of the matches at these venues.

    If you’re prepared to have an awesome experience, our professional…

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  • 5 Top Luxury Things To Do In London

    06 Dec, 2018

    ‘Luxury is a state of mind’. To help you get into the right state of mind when visiting London we have chosen 5 top luxury things to do in London.

    1. Rolls Royce Ghost: Richness of Experience

    First things first you need to cruise around London in style. You can hire a Rolls Royce Ghost with LLC for £100 an hour. Known as the symbol of luxury and success. Handcrafted interior, you can enjoy the music, the WiFi and relax in the massage chairs.

    The driver will take you wherever you want and the best part is that the car has amenities like…

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  • Luxury Events London: Make The Most of What’s Left of 2018

    24 Nov, 2018

    We all love some luxury in our lives. Luxury events in London are a great way to experience the high-life in the city. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, or just enjoy living a luxurious life, arrive in style in a chauffeur driven car.

    Enjoy high-end parties, luxury champagne cruises, London VIP Thereexperiences or some seasonal Christmas shopping.

    Here are some exclusive events that you will enjoy in the city.

    Exclusive Events London: What’s Popular

    There are many exclusive events London – we have picked few that stand out. Take the ‘Exclusive Prestige Champagnes and Food Pairing Cruise’ –

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  • Christmas Shopping In London: Go In Style

    02 Oct, 2019

    Experience the festive season with Christmas shopping in London. Soak in the atmosphere, whilst buying Christmas presents for your loved ones. The Christmas lights in the city make it even more magical. The creative displays in the shops only add to the experience. Making shopping in the city an unforgettable experience. The Christmas songs playing in the shops just seem to make everyone sing along! Getting everyone in the mood for a season of love and giving.

    Make your whole experience a memorable one by spending your day in style by being driven around the city. to all your favourite…

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  • Wedding Hall Hire London: Choosing The Ideal Venue

    29 Oct, 2018

    You have fallen in love, he’s been down on one knee, and you have said yes. Well according to a study carried out by The Knot and Men’s Health, 76% of men believe they should go down on a bent knee to propose. We don’t know how your other half proposed to you, what we do know for a certain is your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.

    We know that everyone wants their wedding to be special and perfect in every way. Choosing the ideal venue is vital when planning your wedding. If…

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  • LLC Official Partner at Independent Hotel Show 2018

    15 Oct, 2018

    The Independent Hotel Show 2018 returns to Olympia London on Tuesday the 16th of October. This year the leading show is presented by James Hallam Insurance Brokers. It showcases the UK’s best independent hoteliers and London Luxury Chauffeuring (LLC) are delighted to be an official partner. We are pleased to be part of the luxury and boutique hotel chains in London.

    The hotel exhibition unites hoteliers with over 350 premium suppliers and provides insightful and unique business advice and inspiration. As well as being the official partner London Luxury Chauffeuring are sponsoring a nominee this year combining the best…

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  • London Film Festival

    27 Sep, 2018

    London Luxury Chauffeuring is partnering up with the London Film Festival to ensure that you are chauffeured to the destination in style. We want you to have a smooth and relaxed experience when heading to the event. The London Film Festival officially called BFI (British Film Institute) has been established since 1953, the festival runs through 10th-21st October. It’s the UK’s largest public annual Festival that has been visited by thousands of film enthusiasts. Over 300 films, documentaries and shorts films have been seen all over the world. Each year the London Film Festival attracts…

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  • Luxury Chauffeuring to Winter Wonderland, London

    27 Sep, 2018

    Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland has been a popular landmark tourist attraction across London, spreading the Christmas spirit. The Christmas market provides an exciting ice skating rink, roller-coaster rides, festive bars and live music. Winter Wonderland is free to enter to enjoy the festive atmosphere. The park has over 100 spectacular rides and attractions, every year attracting thousands of visitors from London and across the world.

    Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland have a variety of activities and entertainment for all ages. Some of the attractions include the largest open-air ice rink, a Deep Sea Adventure in the Magical Ice…

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  • Phantom of the Opera

    27 Sep, 2018

    With high stature as a critically acclaimed theatrical performance, the Phantom of the Opera is unlike any other theatre production. In it’s 32nd year, the show astounds and entertains audiences right in the heart of London, at Her Majesty’s Theatre. To provide luxurious and comfort induced travel to a night at the theatre, London Luxury Chauffeuring are here to chauffeur you to the musical in style.

    The Phantom of the Opera is a production with music from the renowned composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. The story is based on the famous French novel, revolving around a fascinatingly beautiful classical…

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  • London Fashion Week Chauffeur Service

    18 Jan, 2020

    Whether you’re planning to go to your first ever London Fashion Week (#LFW) or you regularly attend this star studded event, why not make an entrance and arrive in a chauffeur driven car?

    What is London Fashion Week?

    Twice a year in February and September, over 250 of the world’s best designers showcase their work at London Fashion Week (#LFW) to a global audience of influential media platforms and retailers. Part of the, “Big Four” fashion weeks, LFW showcases a rich, diverse and unique range of products. Held in The Store Studios at 180 Strand, London, WC2R 1EA, London’s fashion scene…

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  • Chelsea Flower Show Chauffeur Service

    28 Feb, 2020

    Whether you’re planning to go to your first ever RHS Chelsea Flower Show or you regularly attend this flourishing event, why not make an entrance and arrive in a chauffeur driven car?

    What is the Chelsea Flower Show?

    The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a quintessentially British flower show that has been on for over a century. Held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea, the Chelsea Flower Shower has taken place annually since 1913 (breaking during the World Wars), and displays spectacular flower displays, innovative garden design and so much more. Visit one of the most prestigious flower…

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  • Qatar Goodwood Festival Chauffeur – July 2020

    28 Feb, 2020

    As the end of June approaches, we are getting ready to pick our potential winning horses, and preparing the perfect outfit that will dress to impress for one of London’s social highlights of the flat-racing season. The Qatar Goodwood Festival (formerly known as Glorious Goodwood), sees some of the finest thoroughbreds compete in some of the most prestigious horse races across the globe.
    Three years ago Goodwood racecourse made the single biggest deal in British history after signing a 10 year sponsorship deal with Qatar, financial backers including paramount horse race owners and the Al Thani Family. The races showcase…

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  • Royal Ascot 2017: Everything You Need to Know

    31 May, 2017

    Founded in 1711 by Queen Anne, Royal Ascot has fast become the world’s most prestigious horse racing event. From Tuesday the 20th of June to Sunday the 24th, spectators from all over the world will be attending for five days of socialising and revelry, combined with a show-stopping array of fashion and style.

    A number of the world’s most admirable thoroughbreds have come from Royal Ascot,
    including Black Caviar, Frankel and Yeats. Those attending will be able to watch 18
    blood-pumping group races, where the horses and their jockeys will be put through their paces in their best efforts to win the…

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  • Wimbledon Tennis Tournament – June 2017

    31 May, 2017

    As summer approaches we’re getting Pimms chilled and strawberries chopped, in lieu of the world famous Wimbledon tennis tournament. Wimbledon is one of oldest and most prestigious tennis events in the UK, making up one of the four in the Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The other competitions include the Australian, the French and the US Opens. This year the event will take place from Monday July 3rd to Sunday July 16th 2016.

    Wimbledon 2016 saw Andy Murray take home gold in the Men’s Singles and Serena
    Williams for both Women’s Singles and Women’s Doubles. The prize for winning this

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  • British Summer Socials – Style Guide

    31 May, 2017

    Royal Ascot – Berkshire

    When: Tuesday June 20th – Saturday June 24th

    A day out at one of the most prestigious horse races in the UK is not to be missed, and takes planning and preparation. Attracting the world’s best racehorses and jockeys who compete for a prize of £6.5 million, The Royal Ascot attracts 300,000 of the elite – not to mention a visit from The Queen and other members of England’s Royal Family. Each day has six flat races and eight Group One races. Expect free flowing champagne and delicious cocktails as you fill out…

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  • 7 Ways to Impress your Date this Valentine’s Day

    13 Feb, 2017

    The most romantic night of the year is just around the corner, and it is fair to say that expectations are high.
    In 2015 £1.6 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day, and there’s a lot of pressure to get right. Fear not, to make sure you can impress your other half, we’ve come up with five excellent ways to impress your date this Valentine’s Day. So grab your tea and have a peruse, we’ll be waiting for that wedding invitation.

    1. Book a luxurious Meal

    Intimate dinners are the pinnacle of romance, which is why booking dinner at a luxurious and atmospheric…

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  • 5 Things to do in London for New Year’s 2017

    21 Dec, 2016

    With 2017 on the horizon, it’s time to get those ideas in circulation for your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day plans. Whether you want to spend the lead up to January 1st partying away with New Year’s day dedicated to napping that hangover away, or you want to start the New Year with some non-strenuous activities and spend time with the family, we’ve got a few plans lined up for you too choose from:

    Club De Fromage – NYE Party

    If you fancy dancing the night away in the lead up to 2017, then Club De Fromage based…

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  • 8 Great Things to do in London this Christmas

    23 Nov, 2016

    London is a big and beautiful place, with different areas to explore during one of the most magical times of the year. There is so much to do in London, so we’ve come up with a few great activities that you can enjoy with friends or family this holiday season.

    1. Take a Tour of London’s Christmas Lights

    Whether you want to go to Covent Garden or Portobello Road, every postcode in London has a different theme and looks aesthetically stunning. Christmas is synonymous with Christmas lights, and it is no secret that Christmas lights completely changes the way a street or…

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  • 5 Top Restaurants in London You Need to Try Now!

    01 Nov, 2016

    London is becoming more exciting by the minute with brand new cafes, restaurants, shops and attractions opening every day. You should be spending your weekends and evenings doing things you love with the ones you love. It should be filled with excitement and new experiences, and we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; London is a hub for entertainment. There is always something to do in London, so what are you waiting for?

    We’ve come up with five incredible restaurants that you should try in London the next time you visit. These incredible restaurants, paired with our

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  • Top 5 Places for your Christmas Party in London

    24 Oct, 2016

    With the festive period looming around the corner, it’s time to put the St Tropez holiday brochures away and embrace the golds, reds and greens that have engulfed the high streets. Make way for wooly hats and scarves, cold evening spent in front of the fire drinking Bailey’s Hot Chocolates and gingerbread lattes, choosing the perfect gifts for the ones you love, and organising work’s Christmas party…

    A Christmas party is the perfect way to show your colleagues how much you appreciate them and value the efforts they put in at the workplace. It is means that you are all…

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  • Oktoberfest In London (September – October 2016)

    22 Sep, 2016

    With Summer an almost distant memory of the past and Autumn reds and golds gracing the UK, we find ourselves looking forward to the world’s biggest volksfestival – Oktoberfest. It’s time to put the Panama hats back in their box, bring out the faux-fur coats and scarfs and get ready to celebrate the rich Bavarian culture that Oktoberfest is all about.

    Whether you want to travel to Munich and experience the incredible history that originated from the flagship Oktoberfest in Germany two centuries ago, or get involved closer to home in London, Birmingham or…

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  • 5 Things to do in London at the Weekend

    25 Aug, 2016

    Your weekend should be spent doing things you love. Whether you want to spend your time relaxing at a spa or have an action packed weekend of London sightseeing, there is always something for everyone in the UK’s capital city. London is a hub of entertainment. With some incredible restaurants, creative performances, and amazing sites, there will always be something to do in London.

    We have put together a few activities you should do in London the next time you are there. When it comes to travelling and exploring the city stress free, spontaneity is overrated. Having everything…

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  • Qatar Goodwood Festival – 2020

    12 Mar, 2020

    As the end of July approaches, we are getting ready to pick our potential winning horses, and preparing the perfect outfit that will dress to impress for one of London’s social highlights of the flat-racing season. The Qatar Goodwood Festival (formerly known as Glorious Goodwood), sees some of the finest thoroughbreds compete in some of the most prestigious horse races across the globe.

    Two years ago Goodwood racecourse made the single biggest deal in British history after signing a 10 year sponsorship deal with Qatar, financial backers including paramount horse race owners and the Al Thani Family. The…

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  • Summer in London – Events & Things to do

    15 Jul, 2016

    Summer is upon London, and as the sun begins to shine onto its streets, the summer season comes into full swing. Bustling rooftop bars, lush garden parks and balmy evenings strolls, 2016 boats charming british weather, fine dining and elegant evenings.

    Always open for business, tourists make their way to the big city during the peak months of June to September. A city that appeals and attracts in so manys ways, from its royal heritage, sensational West End shows, stunning museums, lavish theatres and many other event . It’s a summer you don’t want to miss….

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  • Ascot Races & Epsom Downs Racecourse June 2016

    18 May, 2016

    The Royal Ascot 2016

    The Royal Ascot is one of Britain’s most prestigious events, with five consecutive days of style, class and luxury. Regarded as a major event in the British social calendar, it is the centrepiece of Ascot’s year and dates back to 1711. If you’re attending the world famous horse racing event held this June, then arrive in style and comfort with a luxurious chauffeur driven car from London Luxury Chauffeuring.

    Chauffeur Services to the Ascot Races

    Hiring a chauffeured car to drive you to the event this summer will save you both hassle and time. Over 300,000…

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  • LLC Has the Best Perks

    21 Jan, 2016

    Who can say no to being chauffeured in a Mercedes Benz? Not only is it stylish to be driven in a luxury vehicle in London, LLC takes it further and offering perks to their clients.

    LLC includes several luxury perks when you hire a car with them:

    • Bottled Mineral Water
    • Daily Newspapers
    • In-Car Hotspot Wi-Fi
    • Panoramic Sunroof
    • Soft-Close Doors

    With a combination of professional and courteous chauffeurs, luxury vehicles and in car perks, you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing a quality chauffeuring service that will make your UK experience memorable.

    For an LLC quote, send your email to

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  • LLC Has the Best Chauffeurs

    21 Jan, 2016

    What does it mean to be a professional chauffeur? Isn’t it like a regular driver? Not really. It’s easy to drive someone to and from a location, however, professional chauffeurs offer an entirely different level of service due to their attention to detail and ability to ensure that their clients arrive safely and punctually.

    Many professional chauffeurs are international people who have worked all over the world and who have chauffeured successful business leaders, politicians, and celebrities.

    Professional chauffeurs take their jobs seriously and are masters of their craft combining their driving skills, navigation, and personal attention to clients ensuring a…

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  • Official Launch of London Luxury Chauffeuring

    21 Jan, 2016

    With London Luxury Chauffeuring (LLC), you have instant access to the most prestigious chauffeur car hire service in the UK. Have you always wanted to experience a top class luxury vehicle? The next time you’re in London for an executive meeting or a special event, why not arrive in style in a Mercedes S class?

    It’s simple to book a Mercedes Benz with LLC. One of the advantages of booking with LLC is you get the full pleasure of experiencing quality service from one of their professional chauffeurs who have the privilege of chauffeuring some of the most glamourous, successful,…

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