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Oktoberfest In London (September – October 2016)

Oktoberfest In London (September – October 2016)

22 Sep, 2016

With Summer an almost distant memory of the past and Autumn reds and golds gracing the UK, we find ourselves looking forward to the world’s biggest volksfestival – Oktoberfest. It’s time to put the Panama hats back in their box, bring out the faux-fur coats and scarfs and get ready to celebrate the rich Bavarian culture that Oktoberfest is all about.

Whether you want to travel to Munich and experience the incredible history that originated from the flagship Oktoberfest in Germany two centuries ago, or get involved closer to home in London, Birmingham or Manchester, from September 17th to October 3rd 2016 there will be something for everyone to enjoy. It is the perfect festival to try the Bavarian libations that have become synonymous with the 16 – 18 day event. This is the perfect time to taste some German delicacies; such as schnitzels, pretzels and bratwurst, and appreciate the beauty that Autumn has to offer.

The prolific history of Oktoberfest dates back to Crown Prince Ludwig (later known at King Ludwig I) when he married his betrothed, Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen two hundred years ago. On 12th October 1810, the royal family invited inhabitants of Bavaria, Munich to celebrate their marriage with festivals on the fields in front of the capital city’s gates. From 1850 the beer festival and travelling funfair became an annual event for Germany, and is now a recognised and celebrated event across Europe. You will find it is custom to dress in lederhosen and dirndl, whilst basking in the finest Bavarian music and entertainment.

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