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British Summer Socials – Style Guide

British Summer Socials – Style Guide

31 May, 2017

Royal Ascot – Berkshire

When: Tuesday June 20th – Saturday June 24th

A day out at one of the most prestigious horse races in the UK is not to be missed, and takes planning and preparation. Attracting the world’s best racehorses and jockeys who compete for a prize of £6.5 million, The Royal Ascot attracts 300,000 of the elite – not to mention a visit from The Queen and other members of England’s Royal Family. Each day has six flat races and eight Group One races. Expect free flowing champagne and delicious cocktails as you fill out your betting slips to put the odds on your favourites to win.

Dressing for Ascot is just as important as attending the event itself – not only is this racing event a popular haunt for the crème de la crème of society, it is also synonymous for its strict and formal dress code. From fabulous finery to dressed up demure here’s everything you need to know about the Royal Ascot dress code:

Ladies Dress Code Royal Ascot

● A hat, headpiece or fascinator must be worn at all times.
● Headpieces should have a strong base of four inches or more.
● Midriffs must be covered at all times.
● Shorts are not permitted.
● Dresses and skirts must be knee length or longer.
● Full-length matching Trouser Suits are permitted.
● Jackets and Pashminas are permitted.
● Shoulder straps should be one inch in width or greater.
● Full length Jumpsuits are permitted.
● Strapless or sheer strap dresses are not permitted in Queen Anne’s Village and
Village Enclosure.

Men’s Dress Code Royal Ascot

● Black or Grey Morning dress is essential.
● Waist coats must be worn.
● Ties are essential.
● Cravats are not permitted.
● A black or grey Top Hat must be worn at all times.
● Black shoes must be worn.
● Suit, shirt and tie must be worn in Queen Anne’s Village and Village enclosure at all times.

Qatar Goodwood Festival – Sussex

When: Tuesday 1st August – Saturday 5th August

Qatar Goodwood Festival (formerly known as Gloriously Goodwood) is one of the largest race meetings in the world, with some of the finest thoroughbreds competing in the most prestigious horse races across the globe. Get ready for five days of exhilarating action taking place in the idyllic rolling countryside of Sussex, as you watch jockeys all over the world compete for the prize fund of £1 million. From Tom Cruise to Liz Hurley attending Qatar Goodwood, it has become a hotspot for glamour and style.

Qatar Goodwood prides itself on its quintessentially English ‘Goodwood’ Style; “a garden party with racing tacked on.” The dress code for Goodwood lends itself to informal elegance.Dress up and ensure that you’ve captured your personality in your chosen outfit. When you choose your attire, don’t forget to try and make it onto the Best Dressed…. Oh, and the Sussex Panama with the racing colours is a festival favourite.

Ladies Dress Code Qatar Goodwood:

● A summer wedding outfit.
● Or an effortless dress that feels fun and chic.
● Headgear is not essential but welcomed in the Richmond Enclosure.

Men’s Dress Code Qatar Goodwood:

● A Suit Jacket and Tie is essential for the Richmond Enclosure
● Jeans are not allowed
● Relaxed but elegant.


Wimbledon – London

When: Monday 3rd July – Saturday 15th July

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious and oldest tennis tournaments in the UK, and one of four Grand Slam Tournaments, including the French, Australian and US Opens. The first tennis tournament in Wimbledon started in 1877 was in stark contrast to the extravagant event we know today, as it took place with minimal fanfare. Each year the event attracts over 500,000 spectators, including the likes of Beyonce and Bradley Cooper. This year, the world’s elite tennis players will compete for the prize of £3.6 million.

It is no secret that the dress code for Tennis Players is as gruelling as ever, with brilliant white being the only permitted colour for those competing. However, over recent years the dress code for Wimbledon’s spectators has relaxed, and there is no longer a formal dress code – even for Debenture Ticket holders for the Centre Court. However, if you have a place in the Royal Box it is advisable to dress up. Knee length dresses or skirts for ladies and suits for men. As it is one of Britain’s favourite summer events, so why not pamper yourself, get dressed up and make the most of it?

BBC Proms – London

When: Friday 14th July – Friday 9th September

The BBC Proms (also known as The Proms or Henry Wood Promenade Concerts) is an eight week season of orchestral classical music and other events taking place in London’s Royal Albert Hall. This classical music season is viewed as incredibly important to British culture, and takes place annually. With previous performances from the likes of Dame Judi Dench it is no wonder why this is an incredibly important event to attend.

Although the BBC Proms is all about classical music and its quintessentially British culture, there is no dress code. Not even for the last night of the Proms. However, there are age restrictions to ensure that every prom-goer gets maximum enjoyment. Children under the age of five are not permitted. If you are taking part in Proms in the Park then we recommend you check the weather and dress up accordingly.

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