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7 Ways to Impress your Date this Valentine’s Day

7 Ways to Impress your Date this Valentine’s Day

13 Feb, 2017

The most romantic night of the year is just around the corner, and it is fair to say that expectations are high.
In 2015 £1.6 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day, and there’s a lot of pressure to get right. Fear not, to make sure you can impress your other half, we’ve come up with five excellent ways to impress your date this Valentine’s Day. So grab your tea and have a peruse, we’ll be waiting for that wedding invitation.

1. Book a luxurious Meal

Intimate dinners are the pinnacle of romance, which is why booking dinner at a luxurious and atmospheric restaurant is the perfect way to impress your date. Make sure to look at the restaurant’s wine and dining menus beforehand, so that you can truly impress them with your vast knowledge of food and drink pairings. Famous brasserie style restaurant, Quaglino’s is an iconic restaurant that offers a selection of delicious European dishes and legendary cocktails. With a classy bar, live music and beautiful aesthetic, it would be foolish to take your date anywhere but here.

2. Have a Chauffeur Driven Date

Imagine the look on your interest’s face when you go to pick him/her up in a chauffeur driven luxury car. Not only will it be the most memorable way to start your Valentine’s date, it will give your date that extra bit of attention to detail that is sure to go a long way. Being chauffeur driven means there is no need to wait for unreliable taxis, or feel uncomfortable in the rush of public transport. The pair of you can relax in privacy as you make your way around London. It also means you can enjoy a drink or two without risking your license – after all, you won’t need to be behind the wheel.

3. Be Polite

You can judge a person by the way they treat waiters, and if you want to make a good impression then it is imperative that you are patient and polite at all times. Being rude and curt to bartenders, waiters and floor staff is a sure fire way to ruin any chances of a budding relationship. Instead, be courteous and show your date that you treat others the way you expect to be treated. No one is going to be embarrassed by someone saying your pleases and thank-yous.

4.Go for Cocktails

London is famous for its insane bar scene, and is home to some of the best bars in the world. From the American Bar tucked away on the Strand at The Savoy to New Orleans inspired speakeasy, New Orleans Louisiana (Nola for short) you can impress your date with the most delicious cocktails in Europe. From a Mai Tai to a dirty gin Martini you’ll both be able to find your favourite serums. Going out for a few tasteful cocktails will also help you both feel at ease and make Valentine’s day a cheerful one.

5. Stay Off of your Phone

When you’re spending time with someone and their phone is glued to the palm of their hand, it makes it difficult for them to be with you. If you’re going out this Valentine’s Day then make sure you’re not spending the entire date scrolling through social media or texting. A date is the perfect time for you to get to know each other, rather than fighting for attention from your phone.

6. Book a Spa day

Spas are the ultimate way to relax and enjoy the very little free time you and your potential beau have. A trip to The Dorchester’s Spatisserie is sure to impress your date and leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. The spa’s interior is based on 1930’s art deco glamour with a contemporary edge that suits the iconic style of The Dorchester. You and your date will be blown away by the stunning chandelier made from south-pacific pearls, and nine luxurious therapy rooms that offer range of relaxing treatments.

7. Visit the Theatre

No theatre experience will be the same in London, which is why you should take your date to a London stage performance that will take their breath away. From seeing the Lion King to a ballet performance of Anastasia it will give your date a Valentine’s Day to remember.

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