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5 Top Restaurants in London You Need to Try Now!

5 Top Restaurants in London You Need to Try Now!

01 Nov, 2016

London is becoming more exciting by the minute with brand new cafes, restaurants, shops and attractions opening every day. You should be spending your weekends and evenings doing things you love with the ones you love. It should be filled with excitement and new experiences, and we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again; London is a hub for entertainment. There is always something to do in London, so what are you waiting for?

We’ve come up with five incredible restaurants that you should try in London the next time you visit. These incredible restaurants, paired with our luxury chauffeuring services will ensure you have the experience of a lifetime, in a city you’ll never want to leave.





QuaglinosFrom oysters to venison, the evening menu has some mouthwatering dishes, and is a great twist on the typical brasserie boîtes found in the West-End. Their wine list boasts over 300 different choices, and their signature cocktails are phenomenal. With live jazz music five nights a week, an evening at Quaglino’s will be a memorable and sophisticated one. After the evening is underwraps, Quaglino’s transforms into an exclusive and glamorous late night party spot, where classic cocktails are sipped and the night is spent with fantastic company.



Grain Store

Located near King’s Cross Station, Grain Store is a creative and unique restaurant that uses sustainable ingredients and methods when it comes to cooking their innovative dishes. This quirky restaurant does so many incredible things with grains, seeds, root vegetables and meats that you’ll actually enjoy eating healthy (gasp!). Described as the perfect hangover cure, the selection of dishes and desserts were put together by Bruno Loubet, who’s travelled the world and used this as inspiration to create an eclectic menu.

The interior of Grain Store is exciting in its own right, taking inspiration from “the exploded kitchen” (we’d be lucky if our messy kitchens looked like this). The open kitchen is surrounded by neutral coloured tables and chairs, and eccentric decorations, such as a Campari piano. Grain Store is an excellent place to go for lunch with family and friends – the relaxed atmosphere paired with delicious food and unusual libations are sure leave you wanting more.

Kitchen Table

Bubbledogs pairs two of the best things in life; hotdogs and champagne, and it works! The American style saloon, with a mouth watering selection of champagne, and medley of pork, vegetarian and beef hot dogs is sure to add a splash of fun to your day. What makes Bubbledogs even more peculiar is the speakeasy style venue it is concealing. Behind the excitement and bubbles, a discreet door hides Kitchen Door – a michelin star restaurant.

Kitchen Door’s mission is simple. The exclusive restaurant tucked away in Camden wants to show their guests the previously unseen theatre of the Kitchen. With 19 seats wrapping round an open plan kitchen, full interaction with the chefs is encouraged and in fact preferred. There is no set menu, as James Knappett decides on the 10-15 tasting dishes his guests will be having on the day. Spending the evening experiencing fine dining as a theatre performance is something that everyone needs to try!

Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir, located in Islington, Camden, has an interesting concept. They combine the bizarre and phenomenal with the aim of indulging their guests in a sensory experience, completely changing their perception of taste, texture and smell. You dine in the dark, and what makes this experience even more refreshing and exciting is that the hosts, waiters and waitresses are registered visually impaired.

The menu is complex – you are asked what you cannot eat due to dietary requirements and allergens, and you then dine in complete darkness. The ‘Surprise Menus’ show you categories of foods with certain tastes, and you are then given a dish to try. The idea is to experience the food without any preconceptions – from zebra to fish, the international menu knows no limits. Imagine spending an evening doing something you’ve never done before, experiencing new levels of taste and smell. This is the adventure you’ll have at Dans Le Noir.


FarmacyNotting Hill has just gained a delicious vegan and vegetarian restaurant, under the name of Farmacy. With a plethora of heart-warming and healthy dishes for vegetarians and vegans to choose from such as curries, pizzas, breakfasts and soups, making a decision has never been harder. Gone are the days where vegetarians and vegans are left with a simple bowl of chips.

The desserts are worth going to Farmacy for in their own right, with plant-based ice-cream, maple meringues and cheesecakes with no animal products. Welcoming vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters to come and try something different, Farmacy is the perfect place to try something different, and feel inspired at the same time. Clean eating has never been so indulgent…
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