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5 Things to do in London at the Weekend

5 Things to do in London at the Weekend

25 Aug, 2016

Your weekend should be spent doing things you love. Whether you want to spend your time relaxing at a spa or have an action packed weekend of London sightseeing, there is always something for everyone in the UK’s capital city. London is a hub of entertainment. With some incredible restaurants, creative performances, and amazing sites, there will always be something to do in London.

We have put together a few activities you should do in London the next time you are there. When it comes to travelling and exploring the city stress free, spontaneity is overrated. Having everything already organised, from your chauffeuring services to tickets to the museum, will ensure you focus your energy on enjoying your weekend.


1. Travel Photographer of the year

22nd August – 1st October 2016

Come face to face with a curious pelican, meet some natives of Ethiopia, and explore the Russian forests without stepping foot on a plane. The University of Greenwich will be showcasing the awe-inspiring winning entries of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2015.

These stunning images are a product of extreme luck and incredible skill, that will leave you feeling inspired. What started in the Coe’s kitchen has now grown to become a highly anticipated photography prize, with participants from over 100 countries. The exhibition ends at the beginning of October, and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.


2. Buckingham Palace Summer Opening

22nd August – 10th September 2016

Visit the most famous house of London this summer, and look at some of the Queen’s most iconic pieces of jewellery and clothing. Over Queen Elizabeth’s 60 year reign she has maintained an effortlessly stunning style, and has seen the trends come and go. This exhibit is a filtered history of post World War II fashion. As contemporary fashion had changed, with creeping hemlines, the Queen embraced her iconic and regal A-line suit skirts.

The Buckingham Palace Summer opening is fantastic for those who love history, fashion and the Royal Family. You will be able to see the Queen’s incredible Coronation gown, alongside the Royal Family’s stunning jew


3. The BFG Dream Jar Trail

Until August 31st 2016

To celebrate the launch of the new BFG film, giant magical dream jars have been placed around iconic locations in London. This family-friendly trail an amazing way to spend a weekend in London, as you can sight see and hunt for exciting, magical dreams.

From the BFG Director, Steven Spielberg’s dream, to Professor Stephen Hawking’s, this trail will inspire and excite the family. It is a perfect way to get some exercise (weather permitting, of course) whilst sending them on a journey of fantasy and creativity. The BFG trail is only in London until the end of August, so catch those dreams before they fly away!


4. Go to the Theatre

London offers some of the world’s best performances, from world renowned musicals to cutting edge pieces, the Theatre is the best way to spend a weekend. There are afternoon matinees and pantomimes to catch with the kids, cabaret, comedy, and much more. Whether it is for a present or a treat, going to a Theatre performance in London is the perfect way to spend the weekend.

An outing to the Theatre is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself and get dressed up. With so many independent boutiques and salons across London, you could spend the afternoon shopping and getting ready for an evening of high culture. With so many different shows on, there is something for everyone.


5. Visit a Rooftop Bar

London offers an incredible skyline, that can be seen in some of London’s amazing rooftop bars. Rooftop bars are the perfect place to drink a few jamjar cocktails, enjoy the beautiful summer weather, and be surrounded by the amazing views that London has to offer.

Whether you are spending a weekend away with friends or celebrating a birthday or milestone, an exclusive rooftop bar will make it a night to remember. Just make sure you don’t put these visits off for too long, as summer will be over before you know it, just like those delicious cocktails.

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