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Flying solo can be pretty fun. But without your private jet chauffeur, you might have to worry about travelling at your own convenience. And that’s where a jet charter chauffeur hire comes in.

Perks of Hiring a Private Jet Chauffeur

Hiring a private jet chauffeur allows you to make your flight in good time and in perfect style, knowing that your chauffeur is reliable and experienced.

With a chauffeur on standby to convey you to your private jet location, you can attend personal meetings, corporate events, weekend getaways, family vacations, social parties and the like without getting stressed.

What makes it even better is that you enjoy privacy at its peak and a comfortable ride to your flight. All without breaking the bank.

Besides, a private jet charter is about the best way to avoid crowds, especially since the lockdown situation in the UK is toughening gradually.

Do you need to travel solo and enjoy privacy and safety from potential coronavirus threats? Book your private jet charter hire now. Our private jet chauffeur are available and happy to make your flight a fun experience.

Our luxury rides include but are not limited to:

It is that time of the year when the jingle bells get your ears ringing and your heart singing. You know it is time to shop for the festive season. Have you thought about a chauffeur hire for Christmas shopping?

Rather than worry about joggling your bags from Oxford Street to Kings Road, let a luxury vehicle take you everywhere you go. Be free to shop in style without feeling overwhelmed or losing the Xmas vibe.

What is Amazing about a Chauffeur Hire for Christmas Shopping?

When you hire a chauffeur for your Christmas shopping, you get:

  • A friendly and nicely-dressed chauffeur to pick you up from home
  • A comfy and relaxing ride in our Mercedes S Class or Mercedes V Class for example, to all your planned shopping venues
  • Large storage areas for your Christmas shopping bags
  • Congestion-free movements despite the busyness of the Christmas season
  • A safe and hitch-free return trip to your home or desired final stop.

Choosing a chauffeur hire for Christmas shopping would be the beginning of all the mesmerizing magic this season can bring you. Let’s give you the luxury you deserve this season.

Call LLC Cars now at +44 208 004 1555 for chauffeur services for Christmas shopping. We promise to give you a Christmas to remember!

afternoon-tea-for-4Imagine being driven in a pre-sanitised luxury Mercedes V class from the comfort of your own home, to central London with your favourite people.

Why not enhance your journey with a delicious afternoon tea package from Gail’s Bakery In Willesden, along with a beverage of your choice, or book in at your favourite London restaurant to get you in the festive mood? Your chauffeur will of coarse be wearing a mask and closely following Covid guidelines to keep you, your family and friends safe at this special time of the year. Tours can be tailored to suit individual preferences, allowing for photo opportunities along the way at your favourite London landmarks.

mercedes-v-classA 3 hour tour with afternoon cream tea for 4 is £230 or for 6 is £255. (Drinks costs as per requests). Additional hours will be charged @£60 per hour.







Bentley 4

For several years, elegance and luxury have been rightly associated with Bentley. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the highest level of a luxury ride to and from anywhere in the city of London, our Bentley Flying Spur hire in London is what you need.

Here, we make no exception for the kind of ride you can enjoy in our awesome Bentley Flying Spur. So, whenever you are visiting one of the beautiful London tourist attractions or you simply want to go to the airport, you can rely on our services for a smooth luxurious and comfortable ride. Even if you need a luxury vehicle for a romantic night out, we are here to take care of your need with our classy Bentley chauffeur services in London.

Our highly experience chauffeur will make sure you get to your destination promptly and we guaranteed a seamless ride in our spacious Bentley.

Bentley 2

Bentley Flying Spur with Great Interior and Features

The Bentley Flying Spur comes with an aesthetic and functional interior. Made with the highest quality materials, this luxury vehicle doesn’t lack the state-of-the-art technology associated with modern vehicles. Spacious cabin, customizable climate control, immersive touch-screen tablets, and world-class audio system are just a few of the amazing features of our Bentley Flying Spur. The various in-car entertainment features of our Bentley Flying Spur will keep you engaged throughout the trip.

Relax and sit on the wonderfully stitched leather that will give you a peace of mind you can hardly get from any other vehicle. The power-adjustable seats in our Bentley Flying Spurs provide you with the utmost tranquillity and luxury experience until you get to your destination.

Bentley 3

Seasoned Chauffeurs at your service

Our chauffeurs have a good understanding of London. Therefore, you can be certain that you will encounter no problem after contacting us for a Bentley chauffeur hire in London.

The combination of Bentley’s outstanding design and engineering and our exceptional maintenance culture ensures that the car is always in pristine condition. Regardless of the weather condition and terrain, we are always here to take care of your needs.

Considering the pleasure you will enjoy before reaching your destination, you would wish the journey never ends.

With LLC Cars, you are guaranteed a luxury ride with comfort, speed, safety and security.

To hire our Bentley Flying Spur, call +44 208 004 1555 or email to get a quote or book here.

When business calls, you want to answer in style and comfort. And as soon as possible. But can you achieve this without a Farnborough Airport Chauffeur?

Having to drive yourself to or from the airport may tire you out quickly before your executive event. But when you consider a Farnborough Luxury Airport Transfer, you get to relax and be driven.

How a Farnborough Airport Chauffeur Hire Boosts Your Business Edge

LLC Cars offers luxury transfer hire for clients who have to attend to business within or outside London.

We understand the importance of corporate occasions, board meetings, and other executive events. So we make it our duty to provide exceptional luxury Farnborough Airport chauffeur service.

TAG Aviation operates FAB, the alternative name of the most efficient business airport in the whole of Europe. Plus, this airport is situated close to M25. Which makes it easy for you to come into or leave London.

The highlights of our Farnborough Airport Transfer service are:

  • Executive Car transfer
  • Flight tracking option
  • Professional and punctual executive chauffeurs
  • Remarkable pickup/meet and greet service before or after your flight
  • Functional COVID-19 safety measures to keep you safe

At LLC Cars, we speak and understand the language of professionalism, business, and luxury. Let us know how we can make your Farnborough Airport transfer exciting and hitch-free.

Attending corporate or personal events in style is a necessity. And hiring a Biggin Hill Airport Chauffeur to drive you is the icing on the cake.

At LLC Cars, we offer professional luxury chauffeuring services to Biggin Hill Airport and other top London airports.

What London Biggin Hill Airport Transfers Entail

London Biggin Hill Airport is an operational general aviation airport in London. And our bilingual and professional drivers make these airport transfers both a luxury and a delight. Because they know the easiest routes into and out of Central London.

We know how stressful driving can be, especially when you have to be at a big, life-changing event. So we do our best to offer luxury airport transfers to and fro Biggin Hill Airport, saving you the stress of doing it all by yourself.

Hiring a London Biggin Hill Airport Chauffeur implies that you get:

  • Ease of airport transfers for individuals or groups going on a business flight or personal journey
  • A range of luxury chauffeur-driven cars including the Mercedes Benz S Class, Range Rover Autobiography, Rolls Royce, and BMW
  • Reliable support in terms of lodging a client in a hotel or visiting a popular London site.

Call us now to learn more about Biggin Hill Airport transfers or book now.

Traveling conveniently and safely is a priority at this time. Especially if you’re thinking of flying. And hiring a Luton Airport Signature Chauffeur is the way to go.

More and more countries are relaxing travel restrictions. Which means that you can visit certain countries without hitches.

But how exactly does a Luton Airport Signature Chauffeur help you?

Why Hire a Luton Airport Signature Chauffeur?

When you have to leave London using the fourth largest airport in London, your Chauffeur will:

  • Arrive promptly at your specified pick up location in one of our chauffeur-driven luxury cars including the Range Rover Autobiography or Mercedes Benz S Class
  • Sanitize and store your luggage carefully and neatly in the car trunk
  • Provide you with every necessary hygiene materials just before the trip to the airport
  • Deliver you safely to the London Luton Airport
  • Ensure you receive your luggage is clean and perfect condition.

And if you’re coming into London, your Luton Airport transfer chauffeur will be waiting for you at the arrival halls.

At LLC Cars, we know how important it is to make trips at this time of the year. A lot of things have had to wait. And it’s about time things went back to normal.

Let’s help you make your Luton Airport transfer a breeze. We owe it to you to offer professional, caring, and safe luxury chauffeur hire services. Contact us now!

With travel restrictions being gradually lifted around the world, visit your favorite tourist places in London.

Are you a tourist visiting London for the first time or after a long time? Don’t miss the stunning art museums, theatres, castles, and magnificent cathedrals that beautify Europe’s most visited city.

Below are some of the top tourist attractions in London.

8 Tourist Places in London You Should Visit

  • London Eye

    The iconic London Eye is a perfect view – with the breathtaking, colorful lights at night. Feel free to enjoy a private or shared ride on the pods.

  • Buckingham Palace

    When in London, don’t skip the 775-room Buckingham Palace and the jaw-dropping view of the Changing of the Guard.

  • Hyde Park

    One of the largest and most famous parks in London, Hyde Park is a memorable place to experience the rich history of London while paddle-boating.

  • The Thames

    Your visit to London is incomplete without a cruise across England’s longest river, The Thames. You’ll definitely relive the prehistoric days of London.

  • Chinatown

    Experience China in London’s Chinatown with the Chinese lanterns, charming people, Asian restaurants and shopping malls.

  • Oxford Street

    Visit the popular Oxford Street and shop all you want till you’ve spent every precious dime in world-known stores like House of Fraser.

  • Platform 9 ¾

    Every Harry Potter fan longs to see Platform 9 ¾ in reality. Experience magic beside the luggage trolley at this station where the wiz traveled to Hogwarts.

  • Natural History Museum

    In this legendary museum, you’ll observe stuffed animals, ancient fossils and skeletons, and other old relics from hundreds of years back.

For a comfort and luxurious ride to these tourist places in London, book an appointment with us at LLC. Or call +44 208 004 1555 now!

Losing your loved one can be so devastating. And planning their funeral can be overwhelming. But with the right chauffeur services for funerals in London, you never have to worry about transporting your friends and family.

At London Luxury Chauffeuring, we offer reliable and professional funeral chauffeur services. Making it easier for you, your friends and family to move from your home to the wake, church, or crematorium without stress or anxiety.

Chauffeur-Driven Mercedes S Class for Funeral Car Hire in London

Our Mercedes S Class remains one of the luxurious and most convenient funeral cars for hire. This choice of vehicle caters to your funeral transport needs and ensures that you enjoy comfort as well as privacy.

We understand that you’ll need the right atmosphere to grieve your loved ones.

How it Works

  • Our funeral chauffeur dressed in a dark suit will pick you up promptly at your pick-up location.
  • He’ll drive you to the venue of the wake or service.
  • Plus, he’ll wait to take you back home or to a private place to grieve quietly.

Would you like a funeral car hire in London? Call us at +44 208 004 1555 for respectful and empathetic funeral chauffeur services.

Let’s take care of your funeral transport needs while you grieve in these difficult times.

In London and other parts of the world, the pandemic has altered transport and ease of movement in London. Which means the best idea is to hire a chauffeur in London during the coronavirus.

Imagine if you could run your errands or shop at the grocery store to restock your home essential supplies. Or attend a business meeting or book your appointment at your dentist’s. Without suing public transport.

When you hire a chauffeur in London during the coronavirus, you:

  • Get out of the house safely
  • Trust your safety into the hands of a professional driver
  • Spend less time on the road
  • Attend Meetings & appointments, shop or run errands
  • Limit your chances of contracting COVID-19

Hire a Chauffeur Driven Car during the Coronavirus

At London Luxury Chauffeuring, our Chauffeur Driven Mercedes V Class is available for you. This vehicle offers a 2 meters distance between the chauffeur and the back seat.

If you need to make a trip within London, you get:

  • At least 3 hours’ booking time
  • Interior protective barrier between LLC chauffeur and clients (Mercedes V Class only)
  • Face masks for clients
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Hang gloves
  • Healthy chauffeurs wearing gloves and face masks
  • Prompt pickup and delivery time
  • Bottled water
  • Luggage capacity
  • Comfort at its peak

Are you thinking of hiring a chauffeur in London? Get a quote here.
Or do you prefer other top luxury chauffeur cars like the Mercedes S Class, Range Rover, or Rolls Royce Ghost? Call LLC now at +442080041555.

Our luxury car service cares about your health and comfort.